Supporting Women and Women-led MSMEs in Indonesia

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Bina Artha

Founded in 2011, Bina Artha offers working capital loans directly to women and to women-led micro, small, and medium-enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia. 98% percent of Bina Artha’s clients are women in rural and semi-urban areas with daily gross incomes of up to $8, slightly below Indonesia’s estimated daily GDP per capita of about $9. The majority of Bina Artha’s targeted clients include households living with daily income per person of approximately $2, slightly above the World Bank poverty line of $1 per day. The typical female entrepreneur looks to Bina Artha for working capital loans of around $150 for petty trade, food processing, small production and services (mostly transport). In 2017, the organization received its SMART certification, confirming its high standards of client protection and responsible lending.

Bina Artha continues to innovate around its financial products and in partnership with, introduced a loan for group borrowers focused on water and sanitation in 2018; enabling its borrowers to access improved hygienic conditions by building and maintaining latrines at their residences and purchasing water filters.

The metrics listed here are based on self-reported data provided to MicroVest by Bina Artha as of 6/30/2019.

The RFI profiled here is provided for educational purposes only and may not represent all of the portfolio holdings and it should not be assumed that investments in the RFI identified and discussed were or will be profitable. The RFIs profiled were selected based on their financial inclusion and impact with no reference to amount of profits or losses, realized or unrealized.