Kompanion Bank

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Originally formed in 2004 when five Mercy Corps-affiliated
microcredit agencies were consolidated in the Kyrgyz Republic,
Kompanion Bank was able to grow its client base from 8,700 to more
than 100,000 in 2019 with a footprint that has spread to nearly every
major city and village in Kyrgyzstan. As one of the first microfinance
institutions in the country, Kompanion boasts one of the widest
branch networks, a well-known brand, and a loyal customer base.
MicroVest disbursed its first loan to Kompanion in 2006 and became
one of its first international lenders.

In 2015, following the footsteps of several other microfinance
institutions, Kompanion embarked upon its transformation into a
bank and finally obtained its banking license in January 2016. In a
country that continues to be one of the only democracies in Central
Asia with an established rule of law, the Central Bank is very focused
on consumer protection and on promoting a vibrant business climate.

All figures are based on self-reported data by Kompanion Bank as of