Impact Management Framework

Introducing MicroVest’s Pyramid of Intentionality

MicroVest’s Pyramid of Intentionality is a Framework that seeks to standardize the practice of Impact Measurement & Management (IMM) across of MicroVest’s current and future funds by providing a structured and systematized approach to defining, assessing, managing, and measuring the impact targeted by our investments. The MicroVest PI ensures accountability for the intended impact of MicroVest’s investments and pivots the practice toward the evaluation of impact outcomes and performance.

To coincide with the launch of our new Framework we’ve released a Framework Guide, which we hope will serve two key purposes:

  1. As a case study chronicling our journey in developing MicroVest’s PI, summarizing how we navigated the balance between the needs of our investors, portfolio companies, their end borrowers, and our internal investment processes in designing the Framework. We hope this serves as a practical example for those interested in building or enhancing their own Impact Frameworks by including important practical considerations for each stage.
  2. As a Resource for Investors: This guide provides a practical example of how MicroVest architected and manages Impact according to the new Framework. We hope investors can use our example to gain better insight into the ways in which the various components of IMM can be integrated across an investment lifecycle.