Our Impact

The Need

Approximately 1.7 billionadults (more than half of whom are women) lack access to basic financial services worldwide. At the same time, there is an estimated $5.2 trillion2 funding gap to small businesses in emerging markets — businesses that are often the largest contributors to GDP and employment in their local economies.

Our Contribution

By catalyzing the availability of credit to Responsible Financial Institutions or “RFIs” many of which serve as the first provider of formal credit to micro entrepreneurs and small businesses — MicroVest is helping the right institutions scale, which deepens financial sector development and fuels local economic growth. This in turn, allows underbanked communities to access quality financial services, thereby improving their financial health and well-being.

Our Impact At-a-Glance

MicroVest’s investment products address the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

(1) World Bank Global Findex 2017: https://globalfindex.worldbank.org/sites/globalfindex/files/2018-04/2017%20Findex%20full%20report_0.pdf

(2) MSME Finance Gap (World Bank, IFC, SME Finance Forum): https://www.smefinanceforum.org/sites/default/files/Data%20Sites%20downloads/MSME%20Report.pdf;