Investing for Financial Inclusion

At MicroVest, we seek to support financial inclusion for un- and underbanked microentrepreneurs and small businesses that seek financing for income-generating initiatives but who are unable access credit through the formal financial system. To achieve this, we invest in responsible Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Financial Institutions that ethically and transparently provide productive loans to underserved microentrepreneurs and SMEs.

With access to credit on fair and transparent terms, these microentrepreneurs and SMEs are able to securely finance their small business dreams. Our portfolio’s end borrowers operate enterprises across a variety of sectors, which include production and manufacturing, crafts, agriculture and livestock, commerce and trade, services, education, and renewable energy.

When the un- and underbanked become financially included, they are better equipped to manage day-to-day finances, build financial resilience, and knowledgeably use financial products and services to pursue their goals.

Why It Matters

Without responsible Microfinance and SME Finance Institutions to serve un- and under-banked end borrowers, irresponsible actors (more commonly known as “loan sharks”) in this sector can contribute to borrower over-indebtedness and/or threaten the stability of a country’s financial sector through high delinquencies and/or nonperforming loans. Due to the position of trust that financial institutions occupy and the importance of empowering end borrowers throughout their financial lives, MicroVest believes scaling institutions with integrity is even more critical and our work anchors on this principle.

Our Philosophy

We believe and our track record demonstrates that selectively allocating private debt capital to Microfinance and SME Finance Institutions can generate risk adjusted returns in addition to quantifiable social impact. Our investment process combines a proprietary top down country risk assessment with rigorous bottom up due diligence to identify Microfinance and SME Finance Institutions whose culture and lending policies are aligned with supporting end borrowers in the communities they serve.

An Emphasis on Risk Management

Given that much of low-income lending is unsecured, risk management is our highest priority. To protect investors’ capital and ensure portfolio quality, MicroVest only invests in institutions with strong credit profiles, sound operations, and business models that possess favorable strategic and financial prospects. The processes that these institutions utilize for borrower selection, underwriting and monitoring are critical, and our due diligence efforts focus on these.