Financing Dreams of Owning & Operating a Sustainable Agritourism Farm

Amount of first loan for farm expansion
Loan cycles completed with all payments made on time

MR. ROBERTO GÓMEZ MORÁN | Client of MicroVest portfolio company, Microserfin

Mr. Gómez’s dreams of owning and operating a sustainable farm date back to childhood. He grew up in Capira, Panama, and was raised by parents who were subsistence farmers. At the time, agritourism was being touted as a farming practice of the future, and over time, Mr. Gómez was dedicated to learning more about the bourgeoning industry. In 2015, with a mini-farm in operation, Mr. Gómez applied for a US$500 loan from Microserfin to improve his sustainable farming practices and expand his operation into what is known today as the Agroturistica La Prometida farm. Today, Mr. Gómez’s farm maintains a wide variety of specialties, such as orchid nurseries, poultry, livestock, and even bee-keeping. The farm also grows a wide variety of crops, such as cassava, corn, ñampí, guandú, bananas, achiote, and coffee – all of which are organically grown.

Since 2015, Mr. Gómez has completed five loan cycles with Microserfin with all payments made on-time. The funds have helped him improve the quality of his products, which include processed coffee, processed achiote, and honey.

Not only has Mr. Gómez’s farm provided employment for his six brothers, the farm also hires seasonal workers during tourist season. Due to the farm’s growth and contributions to the local community, Mr. Gómez has received recognition from his community and participates in local initiatives to promote tourism and the development of agriculture in the area. He also receives invitations to speak at national universities on agritourism, environmental protection, and organic farming.

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