South Africa

Finding Her Voice in a Male-Dominated Industry

Took over hare parents' taxi business
vehicles in fleet

Ms. Grace Kelly Dlamini | Client of MicroVest portfolio company, SA Taxi

Ms. Dlamini is a businesswoman and taxipreneur who took over her parents’ taxi business in 2007. Of the four vehicles in the taxi fleet she operates, one is currently financed through SA Taxi.

The taxi industry in South Africa continues to be disproportionately male dominated, but Ms. Dlamini has come up with her own ways to succeed in the industry as a woman. “I’m outspoken and say what I think needs to happen,” says Ms. Dlamini. “To succeed you need to be hands-on.” She also imparts her wisdom and tips on how to be a successful businesswoman to her 20-year old daughter, who hopes to one day take over the family business. “My daughter is very proud and outspoken about the taxi industry and even boasts to her classmates that it is taxis that get her to school every day. Sometimes, we will call another minibus taxi when visiting granny so she understands what it feels like to be a taxi customer.

I tell my daughter that as a woman in this industry, you must never be submissive, know what’s right and wrong and operate as a businesswoman. I tell her to conduct a SWOT analysis, to understand the opportunities and risks, and to always be mindful of them.

This industry has so much potential and caters to the poorest of the poor, as well as the youth. However, this industry could also benefit from new ideas. I can sometimes be critical about the taxi industry and speak my mind about it, but I love it and will do anything to help the industry thrive. Without my minibus taxi business, I wouldn’t be who I am today.”

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