Empowering Women in a Country with a Nascent Financial Sector

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LOLC Myanmar

Originally founded in 2013 by the LOLC Group, LOLC Myanmar (LMM) built a market-leading position as a top five microfinance institution in Myanmar. MicroVest initially invested in LMM in 2016 because of Myanmar’s sizeable population, nascent financial sector and backing from LOLC, which has steadily built its international presence across south and southeast Asia and recently launched operations in Africa. Since the beginning of the partnership, LMM was able to grow its loan portfolio nearly fivefold by expanding from group to individual loans, a process that saw LMM leverage its parent company’s expertise in individual lending. In 2019, the organization received its Smart Campaign certification, an affirmation of LMM’s commitment to responsible lending.

A Focus on Women

In a country where financial inclusion remains low, LMM is focused on empowering women. 93% of LOLC Myanmar’s clients are female and 76% of its staff members are women. Many women at the organization hold senior management positions, including their Head of Operations, Head of Internal Audit, Head of IT and Head of Human Resources. 71% of branch, area and regional managers are female, as well.

LOLC Myanmar’s General Manager, Nilar Soe, has over twenty years of microfinance operations and audit experience. She joined the company after seeing the potential for the institution to contribute to development in low income communities. Her decision to join LOLC was further enforced by the fact that a majority of the company’s borrowers are women and tend to spend loan proceeds for the betterment of their families. She joined LOLC as Deputy General Manager, grew with the organization, and today manages the company’s day-to-day operations. As she has gained autonomy in her role and greater decision-making authority, her leadership at the institution has helped her continue to grow professionally.

The figures listed here are based on self-reported data provided to MicroVest by LOLC Myanmar as of 6/30/2019.