April 25, 2024

MicroVest Publishes 2024 Disclosure Statement for the Operating Principles for Impact Management

MicroVest is proud to be a founding signatory of the Operating Principles for Impact Management and is pleased to published its 2024 annual disclosure statement, detailing the integration of each Impact Principle across our investment process. This year marked a significant milestone for MicroVest as we introduced our new Impact Framework, The Pyramid of Intentionality, which, among other objectives, sought to enhance the alignment of our Impact Management System with the Impact Principles. We look forward to increased harmonization around impact management standards and eagerly anticipate seeing how the guidelines continue to shape and refine strategies and outcomes across our industry.

The information contained in this Disclosure Statement has not been verified or endorsed by the Global Impact Investing Network (“the GIIN”) or the Secretariat or Advisory Board. All statements and/or opinions expressed in these materials are solely the responsibility of the person or entity providing such materials and do not reflect the opinion of the GIIN. The GIIN shall not be responsible for any loss, claim or liability that the person or entity publishing this Disclosure Statement or its investors, Affiliates (as defined below), advisers, employees or agents, or any other third party, may suffer or incur in relation to this Disclosure Statement or the impact investing principles to which it relates. For purposes hereof, “Affiliate” shall mean any individual, entity or other enterprise or organization controlling, controlled by, or under common control with the Signatory.

The information contained in this document has been provided by MicroVest Capital Management LLC (“MicroVest”) and no representation or warranty, expressed or implied is made by MicroVest as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein. This document is for informational purposes only and is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to purchase an interest in any MicroVest product (the “Funds”), and nothing herein should be construed as such. Any such offer or solicitation will be made only by means of delivery of a definitive private offering memorandum which contains a description of the significant risks involved in such an investment. Prospective investors should request a copy of the relevant Memorandum and review all offering materials carefully prior to making an investment. Any investment in a MicroVest product is speculative, involves a high degree of risk and is illiquid. An investor could lose all, a significant portion or some amount of its investment. You should not construe the contents of the enclosed materials as legal, tax, investment or other advice. To invest with MicroVest, one must be a qualified purchaser and an accredited investor. The investments may be deemed to be highly speculative investments and are not intended as a complete investment program. They are designed only for sophisticated persons who can bear the economic risk of the loss of their entire investment in the Funds and who have a limited need for liquidity in their investment. There can be no assurance that the Funds will achieve their investment or impact objectives.

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