Purposeful Investing

Facilitating financial inclusion & financial health for microenterprises and small businesses worldwide.

Our Strategy

At MicroVest, we believe everyone should have access to high-quality financial services that will help them improve their lives and invest in their futures. That’s why we identify and invest in responsible microfinance and SME Finance institutions that can scale with integrity by screening for social responsibility and impact potential as rigorously as we evaluate financial potential. We believe that mobilizing private capital and harnessing the private sector’s commercial approach to capital allocation are fundamental to promoting global development, reducing poverty, and achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Approach

MicroVest’ s investment products are designed to facilitate financial inclusion for underserved microentrepreneurs and small businesses in emerging and frontier markets. We make strategic investments in responsible micro and SME financial institutions that target financial access and utilization challenges within niche segments underserved by traditional banks. Through these investments, the financial institutions we invest in play a crucial role in extending essential financial products such as credit, savings, and insurance to households and small businesses that have been excluded from the formal financial system. This enables them to access vital financial tools and resources that would otherwise be out of reach, providing critical funding for initiatives that enhance productivity and generate economic growth within these communities.

Our Track Record (as of 12/31/23)

Disbursed to support financial inclusion
Micro & SME financial institution clients
Countries invested since inception
Active borrowers served