John Beckham

Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Beckham is the Chief Investment Officer of MicroVest. He is a member of the senior management team and joined MicroVest in 2016. Mr. Beckham oversees a team of investment and risk management professionals in developing investment pipelines, investment screening, due diligence, transaction execution, and manages MicroVest’s portfolios of RFI investments. Mr. Beckham has worked in international finance since 1991. His wide-ranging experience includes recovery of distressed loans and investments, lending to financial institutions, project finance, risk management and syndications.

Previously, Mr. Beckham was the Managing Director for Clients of the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC), the private sector arm of the Inter-American Development Bank. As such, he led the investment teams in charge of all new lending and equity operations for projects, financial institutions, corporate clients, and SMEs. In this position, he also led the development and delivery of the IIC’s knowledge products and advisory services in collaboration with public and private partnerships.

Before taking charge of the IIC’s client activities, he headed the IIC’s Debt Investments Division during which the IIC undertook its first local-currency transaction and increased its ability to lend directly to small companies, enhanced its overall loan processing capacity, and grew the renewable energy portfolio from about 5% of the total to more than 10%.

Mr. Beckham has a BA from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from Ohio State University. He has lived in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico and is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.