December 20, 2019

2019 Social Impact Report

MicroVest’s 2019 Social Impact Report reflects our ethos as a company and highlights metrics that define the areas where we make the biggest impact – providing Impact Leadership, aiding Institution Building and facilitating Financial Inclusion and Financial Health for un- and underbanked small businesses and communities worldwide.

At a high level, every report that MicroVest has ever produced has been an impact report. We were founded on two simple impact principles. The first is that rigorous impact screens unlock hidden productivity. We believe that most investors miss these opportunities, and a methodology that unlocks them will directly result in risk-adjusted returns and lower correlation. The second founding principle is that great returns lead to scale. Without scale, impact investing would severely under optimize its potential. We continue to demonstrate that we are earning risk-adjusted returns for our investors specifically because of our impact principles and social due diligence not despite our impact screens.

-Gil Crawford, CEO, MicroVest Capital Management
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