October 30, 2020

MicroVest 2020 Impact Report

This year’s impact report is unique, in that it coincides with an extraordinary period of uncertainty and opportunity. With the COVID-19 related lockdowns, many in the world’s most vulnerable economies have seen their incomes temporarily reduced as small businesses went into hibernation. Throughout MicroVest’s 17-year history, we have seen these businesses persevere and recover from natural disasters, disease outbreaks, and financial crises through sheer grit, innovation, and necessity.

For many years, Responsible Financial Institutions (RFIs) have been directing credit to these small business borrowers that enabled them to grow their local economies in a sustainable manner. RFIs know their borrowers, offer credit on fair and transparent terms, and operate in a niche largely untapped by global banks.

While we remain in uncertain times, these businesses are going back to work to support their communities. Now more than ever, purposeful investing is about empowering these financial institutions to allow end borrowers to grow their businesses once again. We hope you enjoy this year’s report.

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