July 13, 2018

Women Leaders, Women Lenders

By Abiskar Shrestha, Director of Risk, MicroVest | July 13, 2018 | Featured in NextBillion

Women have been an integral part of microfinance since the very beginning. When Muhammad Yunus founded Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, the vast majority of the bank’s borrowers were women – a circumstance that still holds true throughout the sector. Today, the growth and support of responsible financial institutions continues to deliver positive socio-economic impact to female clients through access to much-needed financial services – and also via the catalyzing effect these services have on the growth of the local economy.

These sustainable institutions provide stable jobs that bring personal fulfillment and professional growth to talented, aspirational local staff, which often include a high percentage of women. Indeed, many of these institutions have transformative female leaders who are carrying out incremental but meaningful change, improving financial health and broadening financial inclusion not only on a local but on a national level.

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