March 16, 2018

Donor-Advised Funds bode to provide an onramp to impact for smaller investors

By Gil Crawford, Chief Executive Officer, MicroVest | March 16, 2018 | Featured in ImpactAlpha

Donor-advised funds have long been seen as effective philanthropic vehicles administered by public charities. Here’s another way to look at these tax-preferred investment products that are designed to do good: an untapped pool of assets that is naturally aligned with the impact investing approach.

Using donor-advised funds is a logical way to accommodate investors and further the goals of aspiring impact investors who aren’t large-scale philanthropists or institutions with billions of dollars at their disposal. The 285,000 individual donor-advised funds nationwide already have more than $85 billion under management, according to the National Philanthropic trust.

ImpactAssets, RSF Social Finance and increasingly others have begun to tap the deep well of philanthropic resources for impact investing. More can be done.

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