November 10, 2018

A Fixed-Income Investor’s Guide to Impact Investing

Beth Braverman | September 10, 2018 | CNBC

As impact investing continues to grow — and into a nearly $9 trillion market, at that — many investors still remain focused on the equity side of their portfolios when it comes to aligning their holdings with their values.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities for investors to be impactful with their fixed-income capital, as well. Private debt currently comprises more than 40 percent of the capital in the impact investing market, according to the Global Impact Investing Network.

“No sectors or businesses grow without leverage,” said Gil Crawford, CEO of MicroVest. “I think there was so much buzz around the high-tech side of impact investing, and those investors, almost by their nature, are not sensitized to the important role that debt plays in growing not only companies but also entire economies.”

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