September 13, 2022

MicroVest Supports Access to Affordable Leasing Solutions for Mexican SMEs with Investment in Grupo Mega

MicroVest has announced a $10 million investment in the bonds of Operadora Mega, one of the largest independent leasing companies in Mexico. The investment seeks to boost access to financing for underserved SMEs in the country, as well as expand access to responsible leasing products that help bolster competitiveness for small and medium businesses in the segment.

SMEs account for 99% of businesses in Mexico and employ approximately 71% of the country’s workforce (IFC). Leasing equipment and other productive assets helps small businesses remain capital-light and provides access to competitive financing that relieves them of the burdens and risk of ownership. However, almost a third of small businesses cite a lack of access to finance as a major obstacle to growth.

Founded in 2003, Grupo Mega is a family-owned and operated financial services company with leased assets spanning machinery, medical and construction equipment, as well as transportation vehicles that cater to SMEs in the agriculture, industrial, tourism, transportation, and IT sectors. Grupo Mega is currently piloting a DEG-led initiative to promote access to credit for female-owned SMEs in Mexico and has a long-standing involvement in a local nonprofit foundation allied with Children International, Mujeres MATI, whose mission is to support female entrepreneurs from vulnerable segments of the economy.

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