January 27, 2023

MicroVest releases 2022 Impact Report

In emerging markets, hundreds of millions of informal micro and small business owners require financial services like loans, bank accounts, savings products and insurance to grow their businesses sustainably. In many emerging economies, the lack of a developed financial sector can make it difficult for small borrowers without collateral to access capital.

For the past two decades, MicroVest has utilized a rigorous approach to invest in the world’s most responsible micro and SME financial institutions–many of whom serve as the first provider of formal credit to entrepreneurs and small businesses in emerging markets. MicroVest’s model of balancing purpose with investment discipline has served as a blueprint for the evolution of today’s microfinance investment industry and so far we have channeled more than $1.6 billion in private capital to responsible financial institutions to support financial inclusion, job creation, and poverty reduction in developing markets.

While financial sector development in many countries has improved, there is still a significant unmet demand for capital from creditworthy borrowers, which creates potential for even greater social impact going forward. Read report >>

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