February 1, 2022

MicroVest signs joint statement supporting the CERISE + SPTF Client Protection Pathway

The Client Protection Pathway seeks to promote the ethical treatment of Micro & SME Finance borrowers worldwide

MicroVest urges Microfinance and SME Finance Institutions to adopt CERISE + SPTF’s Client Protection Standards by joining the Client Protection Pathway, a new initiative designed to guide lenders in implementing responsible client protection principles across their businesses. The CP Standards were designed to protect the borrowers of Microfinance and SME Finance Institutions from unfair, deceptive, or abusive lending practices and equip borrowers with the information, steps, and tools necessary to make sound financial decisions. The CP Standards are embedded within the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management and are a key component of social impact evaluation.

MicroVest currently utilizes the CERISE-SPI4 ALINUS (Aligning investors due diligence to the Universal Standards) tool to assist with portfolio company underwriting when evaluating institution responsibility. 

To learn more about joining the CP Pathway, please click here.

To view signatories of the Joint Statement, please click here.

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