May 10, 2022

MicroVest Invests $9m in IFC-led Syndication to Finance Women-led SMEs in Cambodia

MicroVest joins IFC-led syndication of a $200 million financing package to Cambodia’s ACLEDA Bank with a $9 million investment from its own account. The facility will help ACLEDA expand its lending program to women-led SMEs, whose businesses play an important role in Cambodia’s economy, help generate income for vulnerable populations, and promote economic growth and social stability.

ACLEDA was established in 1993 as a non-governmental organization (“NGO”) and has evolved over the years into a leading Responsible Financial Institution. ACLEDA’s network of 263 branches and widespread workforce of 12k employees have enabled the Bank to serve all geographies and economic segments in Cambodia. ACLEDA continues to focus on providing responsible financial services to female clients–the Bank’s women borrowers account for 56% of total active borrowers.

For more information on the project, please click here. This is MicroVest’s second loan cycle with ACLEDA.

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